Google Adds 38 Ski Lift Runs To Google Maps To Spice Up Your Winter

Going skiing this winter? If so, be sure to bring Google up in the ski lift. The company has already accomplished some amazing things with Street View, but its latest achievement reaches beyond amazing and goes straight to useful. With timing that couldn't be more perfect, Google has added 38 run and lift maps for some of the most popular mountains across the US and Canada. Power up Google Maps on your Android device or iPhone, and the mountain information you need is right there. Blue, green and black runs are shown as solid colored lines and ski lifts are red dotted lines. Ski resorts in Google Maps can also be helpful when you’re gearing up for a trip. You can check out the maps on your laptop browser to plot your course, and even get a Street View preview of a few select slopes before you head up the mountain.

It's actually pretty impressive. Unfortunately, not every major ski resort is on there, but a good chunk are. And, it's useful for planning your next route while on your phone down at the bottom. Now, if only it came with a free pair of capacitive finger gloves...

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