Google Acquires Photo Analysis Startup Jetpac, City Guide A Natural Complement To Google Now

With its acquisition of San Francisco startup JetPac, it looks like Google could be moving one step closer towards making Google Now the definitive on-the-go mobile app. JetPac, which somewhat humorously only exists as an iOS app, notes your location and scours the Web for relevant information, helping you to make the most of your trip. It doesn't take too much imagination to understand why this functionality is right up Google's alley and how it could bolster Google Now's usefulness.

As far as I can tell, Google itself hasn't acknowledged this acquisition; instead, we find out via JetPac's website, which touts something most startups would love to, "We're joining Google!".

While many acquisitions don't affect anything in the near-term, this one does. The site notes that the mobile app will be pulled from the App Store in the coming days, and that support will end on September 15. Admittedly, it seems a little odd that Google would want to kill the app it's just purchased so quickly, but it could be that a replacement or rebranding is in store. Or, it could simply be a sign of the fact that it will be entirely absorbed by Google Now.

At this point, all we can do is wait and see what Google's ultimate plans are.