Google Acquires LeapDroid Android Emulator, Could Bolster Hybrid Andromeda OS Project

It appears as though Google has scooped up LeapDroid, a popular Android emulator that makes it possible to play Android games on a PC. That said, the carefully worded announcement that has overtaken LeapDroid's website is that the LeapDroid team is "joining Google" as they embark on the "next phase" of their journey, details of which they're not yet ready to share.

"While it's too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new colleagues at Google to continue pushing the frontier of technology. In order to focus on our next chapter, we have decided to discontinue the development of LeapDroid emulator," LeapDroid said.


Anyone who already has LeapDroid can continue to use it, and we imagine it would work for new installs if you can find the app hosted by a reliable third-party. But going forward, the LeapDroid team is all-in with Google and whatever project they have in store. Interestingly LeapDroid lists in an accompanying FAQ that it is not affiliated with Google, so this might not be a typical acquisition.

In any event, the Android emulator uses "state-of-the-art virtual machine technologies" to run the entire mobile operating system inside Windows. While the focus has been on games, Google may be interested in other uses. It might even be looking to put the pieces together for an eventual merging of Android and Chrome OS, a project known internally as Andromeda, though we're speculating here.

Stay tuned, we'll have more coverage on this topic as more information becomes available.