Google 2nd Gen Nexus 7 Torn Down, Scores Well for Repairability

The always eager tech surgeons at iFixIt already managed to get their hands on Google's second generation Nexus 7 tablet built by ASUS even though it doesn't officially launch to retail until July 30, 2013 (Protip: if you're impatient, Best Buy and Walmart both have already begun selling the updated slate). As they're accustomed to doing, they wasted no time getting at the guts of the device, both for sheer pleasure and to see how easy (or difficult) the Nexus 7 is to repair on your own, should the need arise.

One thing we like about iFixIt's teardowns is that they snap a lot of high-quality photos from start to finish. As such, you get to see every layer of the 2nd gen Nexus 7's anatomy, including the new parts like the 5MP rear-facing camera and upgraded 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Pro S4 processor.

Nexus 7 Teardown

The only item iFixIt needed to crack open the new Nexus 7 was a plastic opening tool. However, even though they were gentle with the process, they ended up with a "bit of a crack in the rear case," so take extra caution if you plan to try this at home.

As far as tablets go, the Nexus 7 ranks pretty high in terms of repairability, scoring a 7 out of 10 on iFixIt's Repairability Meter. The high score is a result of the case being relatively easy to open and the use of Phillips screws rather than proprietary bits. On the negative side, while the battery enclosure is easy to remove, it takes some patient spudgering to peel it off the tray. Also, the front glass is adhered to the display frame. That means having to whip out the heat gun to get the LCD out, or having to replace the whole front panel altogether.

Stay tuned for more Nexus 7 coverage. We have a new model Nexus 7 in hand and will be posting a full review within the next couple of weeks!