Gold Apple Watch Editions Land With Leather-Wrapped ‘MagSafe’ Charging Boxes

Gold is best, right? It's certainly the most expensive in Apple's wearable lineup. The cost of an Apple Watch Edition with 18-Karat gold ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $17,000 plus another $1,500 if you want to add an AppleCare+ warranty. While we don't typically pay much attention to packaging, you'd think that spending five figures on a first generation wearable would warrant a better container than the one that comes with a $349 Apple Watch Sport, and you'd be right. Well, kind of.

Now that gold Apple Watches have begun shipping to non-celebrities, pictures are popping up online of what they look like and the fancy internal packaging. Incidentally, the external packaging isn't all that fancy at all -- gold watches ship in the same white cardboard box as the much less expensive models. And other than the imprint on the box indicating what's inside, there's no other visual cue to separate a $349 model from a $17,000 watch.

Apple Watch Box
Image Source: Macrumors Forum (iphone6fan)

That changes once you open it up. Inside is a leather-bound box with an integrated MagSafe charger. Apple also includes a cleaning cloth that's the same color and with the word "Edition" written on it, plus a booklet that details the manufacturing process. For the sake of comparison, the steel model comes with a plastic white box with lining and beige cleaning cloth.

Apple Watch Edition

The other distinguishing factor is visible once you fire up the Apple Watch Edition for the first time. As shown above, the description of the watch's materials are displayed in gold instead of silver. We have to admit, it looks pretty sweet, though probably not sweet enough to pay the $9,651 to $16,651 premium over the least expensive model.