GoGo Promises 70Mbps In-Flight Wireless Worldwide

In-flight wireless is a godsend if you’re stuck on a plane for three hours and have a lot of work you need to get done, and provider GoGo is upping its speeds even as it pushes forward with new technology to provide its service.

GoGo is developing a worldwide 70Mbps solution, which blows past what it could offer before. "When we launched our in-flight Internet service five years ago, we were able to deliver peak speeds to the aircraft of 3.1 Mbps through our ATG network. About a year ago, we began deployment of our next generation ATG-4 service, which took peak speeds to 9.8 Mbps,” said GoGo CEO Michael Small.


Using its Ground-to-Orbit (GTO) technology, GoGo could offer 70Mbps speeds in the U.S., but for the rest of the world, its new 2Ku technology will do the trick. 2Ku is comprised of a pair of low-profile Ku-band satellite antennas that GoGo says offer twice the spectral efficiency of competing antennas.

GoGo will be testing the new tech on Japan Airlines and hopes to make it commercially available by the middle of next year.