Google Rolls Out Gmail Update Converting Addresses, Phone Numbers And Contact Info Into Hyperlinks

One of the most annoying things about Gmail for many users has been its inability to hyperlink addresses ad phone numbers. When you received an email with an address or phone number, you had to copy and paste that data into your dialer or Google Maps. In a small victory for users, Google has announced that Gmail has received a new update that will eliminate that cutting and pasting, helping to streamline your workflow.

gmail links

Gmail is now converting phone numbers and addresses into interactive hyperlinks when detected. Email addresses are also being converted as well, making it easy to email people with a tap or click. With the new feature enabled, when you click an address that is displayed as a hyperlink, you automatically go to Google Maps where you can get directions from your current location to the address.

If you tap or click on an email address, you will automatically get a compose message window open that has the email address in the send field in whatever your default email client is. Presumably that means if you use Outlook in the office and Gmail on the road, it will open in Outlook while you are in the office rather than popping open a login window for gmail that you might not want to use.

Tapping on an phone number will initiate a call with your default phone app. This new update is launching to both Rapid and Scheduled release over teh next few days and will be available in all G Suite editions.

Back in June, Google announced that it would stop reading your emails to deliver targeted ads within Gmail. Google stated at the time that G Suite's Gmail service for business didn't read emails at all for targeting ads and that it was rolling the same feature out to the free consumer version.