Gmail Adds Multiple Inboxes For Easier Viewing

Those who swear by Gmail are probably still reveling from the addition of Offline support, and while we're certain that those responsible for making the application better could've taken a rest for at least a fortnight or so, they'd rather keep the hits coming. Announced this week, Google has added Multiple Inboxes, which is described as a feature that enables users to view multiple panels at once in order to better view segmented messages.

For avid users of labels, stars and filters -- particularly those with setups that automatically send new messages to a certain filter in order to bypass the inbox entirely -- this addition is a godsend. The Labs experiment enables users to view their inbox along with a couple of filtered panels in a single view, which obviously makes glancing for select messages much easier. Users can even set their default Gmail view to assemble the panels in certain ways so that your inbox is separated per your preferences each time you login.

We suspect the new feature is being rolled out in phases, and you can check to see if it has been added to your account by surfing up to the Labs tab within Settings. Once activated, you can configure as you please and toy around with options until you find the perfect new view. We'll warn you -- setting this up will just make it that much more difficult to view your email in any other client.

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