GlowBowl Makes Your Tinkle Twinkle

It’s definitely not as creepy as Tony The Toilet Buddy from Better Call Saul, this latest Kickstarter project is definitely puts the “whiz” in gee-whiz. GlowBowl is an LED-light for your toilet that seems to be aimed at males, because females probably won’t have a use for such a product (and probably think it’s too childish to boot), that bathes your toilet water in seven selectable colors.

The GlowBowl simply attaches to your toilet bowl like any garden variety toilet fresher and serves as a night light so you don’t have to sear your retinas with the fancy pants LED lighting in your overhead bathroom fixtures during late night pee runs. And if you simply can’t settle on one single color for your last night “exit stream,” there is a carousel mode that will cycle through all seven colors every four seconds, which will give you your own mini 2001: A Space Odyssey psychedelic trip.


The makers of the GlowBowl even suggest that the device can be used to help kids with potty training (just like the claimed benefits of the fictional “Toilet Buddy”) by making it a more fun experience. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but hey, anything’s possible.

The GlowBowl is powered by three AAA batteries, comes with a 3.5-inch flexible arm to provide a tight fit to your toilet bowl, and provides five levels of brightness. The GlowBowl is also motion activated, so it will only flash to live if someone approach the toilet so you don’t wear the batteries down prematurely. Speaking of weak streams batteries, an integrated low battery indicator will flash red when it’s time to replace the batteries. The Glow Bowl will also turn off if your regular bathroom lights are turned on, which also conserves battery life.

glowbowl 1

The Kickstarter campaign for the GlowBowl is reached nearly the halfway point of its $15,000 goal, and a $20 commitment will net you one device. If its goal is reached, the creators behind the GlowBowl hope to ship the product this September.