Giorgio Armani's Name Lands On Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

Giorgio Armani is a respected name in a fashion. A hugely respected name, even. So what's his name doing on a cellphone? Actually, this isn't the first time such an occurrence has been spotted. Giorgio Armani has been used in conjunction with Samsung smartphones in years past, previously on a Windows Mobile phone. But now, it looks like the fashion guru has moved on to Android with the passing of Windows Mobile, and he's coming to one of the hottest smartphone brands: Samsung's Galaxy S.

The Giorgio Armani edition Galaxy S is going to be a fairly exclusive piece of hardware, but there aren't too many details yet on what extras will be included. Obviously the case design and branding is different, and the pricing will be up, up, up. There's a rumor going to the tune of 700 Euros, with no word on availability outside of Europe. Would you pay extra for a Giorgio Armani-branded phone? Before you answer, have a look at the video below.