Get Ready to Jam with Google Music on November 16

Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie later this week, because on November 16th, Google is expected to officially launch its Google Music service to the public. As of right now, the service is in beta and, like many of Google's beta projects, you need an invite to party. But that's set to change, or so that seems to be the consensus based on invitations Google has been sending to the media for a "These Go To Eleven" event on Wednesday.

In case your knowledge of music history is a little bit rusty, Google's referencing a 1984 mokumentary This is Spinal Tap in which lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel pointed out a volume knob on one of his amplifiers that went to 11 instead of stopping at 10.

As to the event, everything is speculation at this point, but it would be a shock if Google didn't unveil its Google Music service. The bigger mystery is which music labels will join the party. CNet's Greg Sandoval claims Google has inked a deal with Universal Music Group but has yet to secure agreements with Sony Music Entertainment or Warner Music Group. It's not yet clear where EMI stands.

Google Music, if you're not familiar, is essentially an online music locker and streaming service. It supports storing up to 20,000 uploaded songs for free, which can then be streamed to your desktop browser, Android device, or any gadget that supports Adobe Flash.