Gerber Steady Multi-Tool To Include Flip-Out Tripod

Pocket-sized tripods were needed years ago. Fortunately companies like Joby have emerged and stepped up to the plate. The problem with a portable tripod, however, is that it's only a portable tripod. They really serve no other purpose, so you're lugging around yet another "unitasker" in your travel gear. So, how to change that? Attach a portable tripod to a multi-tool!

No hardened traveler would ever leave home without a multi-tool, and Gerber's upcoming "Steady" is the one to get if you're also a gadget junkie. Aside from the typical tools found on these things, it also has a pop-out tripod bolt. That means that you can attach your point-and-shoot camera to your multi-tool, and just like that, you've got yourself a tripod. Talk about multifaceted.

The tool will be priced at $65, and should ship in the spring. 
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