Georgia Tech Creates 3D Scanner iPhone App

For just about anything you need to do on the mobile side, "there's an App for that." It's a saying that has been beaten to death, but it's sticking around because it's largely true. For just about anything, you can find something to do the trick in Apple's App Store. Georgia Tech has just issued a new 3D Scanner iPhone App, and it's said to be a $0.99 tool for a problem that usually requires hundreds of dollars per year.

It's called Trimensional, the first app that allows users with an iPhone 4, iPad 2 or recent iPod Touch to take 3-D scans of faces or other objects and share them by e-mail. Now in the latest update, users can also e-mail animated videos of their 3D models. For a few dollars more, artists and designers can even export their creation to CAD programs or 3-D applications, such as Maya. The new pro upgrade for Trimensional (available as an in-app purchase) will also send a file that you can use any 3D program to open, so artists and other 3D professionals or hobbyists can now use this $5 app to perform a task that used to require hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

The team is currently working on an Android build as well, and you can get a glimpse of what's on offer by playing the video here.