GeoHat Gets Hired At Facebook: Who Woulda Thunk It?

Well, maybe hacking does pay off. George Hotz, a young fellow with a bright future (and a history of breaking into iPhone software) has found his next gig: it's in Palo Alto, and Mark Zuckerberg is his boss. Yep, he's going to Facebook. The social networking company isn't saying what he's going to do while there, but it's still pretty wild that this even happened. He's known as GeoHot around the web, where he's credited for helping people jailbreak their phones for unlock purposes.

He's also the guy that let loose instructions that enabled PS3 owners to modify their game consoles to run unauthorized titles. And then, Sony sued him, but ended up settling just before it was nailed with a flood of hacks that stole tons of personal information.

Who would've known that a kid who spent time hacking iPhones and getting sued by Sony would one day hold a post at one of the most popular companies in the world? Go figure!
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