GeForce LAN Registration Re-Opening, Limited Seating Available

We just got word from NVIDIA, that there are a few more spots open at the big GeForce LAN taking place next month on the USS Hornet aircraft carried in Alameda, California. If you want to get in on the action and get some game-time in at an awesome venue (we’ve been there!), this is the perfect opportunity. All of the details, straight from NVIDIA, are posted below...

GeForce LAN registration is re-opening with limited seating: Thursday, September 21 @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific. An additional 14 L33T and 49 BYOC seats will be available first come, first served.

Call your friends, ask your significant other for forgiveness, get your geek on and gear up for 48 hours of non-stop gaming goodness!

Incidentally, we know there were a lot of questions about why there aren't more BYOC seats at GeForce LAN. 800 BYOC seats was our initial estimate after seeing the floor plan of the venue. However, after a thorough site inspection and discovering that:

  1. There are random hatches, pipes, etc., that impede us from placing a table here and there

  2. Some of the museum pieces (i.e., the Apollo 11 module) are not able to move with the other aircraft from the hangar deck up to the flight deck

  3. Accounting for more stringent fire safety aisles

...We had to revise our estimates. This is a true aircraft carrier and while it has been converted to a museum, much of the ship is the same as it was when it was operational decades ago.
We lost over 150 seats due to this, and some of the remaining seats have been reserved for the sponsors who are supporting this event (many of whom want a BYOC seat themselves as they want to represent and connect with attendees!).

We spent days staring at and stressing over the floor plan trying to squeeze as much as we can in, but in the end, we got what we got. Like vector says, if this was a Nimitz class carrier...we probably could have squeezed in a weeeeee bit more.

For those who don't have BYOC seats, don't forget there are still general admission passes. For $20, you get access all weekend during general admission hours. With this ticket you still get to experience the tournament/free play areas, compete in whatever contests and tournaments are happening during the general admission hours, visit the exhibitors (who will have some pretty cool playable systems too), see how-to presentations on stage, and even visit the museum itself [FREE!] (Original wards, compartments down below and above the hangar deck) throughout the ship, which is an amazing trip by itself. Up on the flight deck there is an awesome seating area where you can take in the view and see more original aircraft. You can even get your picture taken with a WWII pin-up girl alongside an aircraft in 3D.

In fact, those of you who have BYOC seats should probably tell your friends and significant others so they can come visit during those hours. There's so much great stuff for them to do.

We appreciate your patience during the past few days, and wanted to give you as much of a heads-up about the last few tickets going on sale as we possibly could. We look forward to seeing everyone in person at the event, by it a BYOC, L33T or General Admission ticket!