GeForce 7800GT Roundup

Anandtech has just posted a roundup of GeForce 7800GT cards for your viewing pleasure. Without question, this is easily one of the most popular graphics cards on the market right now thanks to some impressive out of the box performance and stellar overclocking ability. To find out which cards caught their attention, follow the link and find out.

We really can't say enough about the 7800 GT. It has proven itself over and over as a top performer among the ranks of 3d graphics solutions. Anyone lucky enough to own one of these cards will attest to its capability of handling any of the most demanding games out now with style. The 7800 GT is still one of the best choices available for those with monitors limited to resolutions of 1600x1200 or lower, and seeing as this is still the case for the majority of PC gamers, sales for the 7800 GT will be high this holiday season.
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