GeForce 7800GS?

The gang at Anandtech have stumbled across a new product from NVIDIA called the GeForce 7800GS. As one might imagine, this card is looking to be a potent mainstream offering with excellent performance and a very reasonable price. Hopefully, this is a product we'll see in time for the holidays.

The card we benchmarked came with a 375MHz core clock and a 1000MHz memory clock. Even with an entire quad disabled, our internal testing proved that the card was ample competition for ATI's X1800XL. Currently, we are working on enabling the disabled quad and/or overclocking the 7800GS up to 7800GT and GTX speeds. With a good price point, the GeForce 7800GS could easily become 2006's rendition of the Radeon X800GTO^2. A 16 pipe version of 7800GT would easily best a GeForce 6800GT or 6800 Ultra (at least on paper), but with current drivers we've already witnessed higher performance than that.
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