GeForce 7300GT Coming

DailyTech sends word that they're hearing of a 90u GeForce 7300 GT which is essentially a GeForce 7600 GS which will be equipped with only 8 pipelines and run at a lower 350MHz core frequency. In addition, the 128-bit interface should help ensure that this part is faster than the current GeForce 7300 GS. Add to this the ability to run SLI without a bridge and we find this to be a very compelling budget part.

Some online merchants in the US already had the GeForce 7300GT for sale. MWave has a 128MB version of the card available for $63 USD. A 256MB version of the card will also be available from most tier two NVIDIA partners. Interestingly enough, at $63 the GeForce 7300GT is cheaper than the G72 based 7300GS and 7300LE.


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