GeForce 6150 Examined

After hearing about the GeForce 6150 for ages and not seeing any real influx of reviews, Anand has managed to get his hands on a board and run it through its paces for your viewing pleasure. With a ton of features iuncluding HD support and PureVideo technology, boards based on NVIDIA's new flagship IGP chipset will certainly capture the attention of those looking to build a media-center type PC.

The features of the 6150/430 chipset are another story, however. You will definitely notice the advantages of the 6150/430 if you are building a Multimedia or HTPC. For starters, there are two video ports that can drive a digital panel or HDTV and an RGB display simultaneously. High Definition Audio is a standard feature, which was not seen on the 6100/410 boards. However, SPDIF and TV out require optional brackets, which will make many buyers very unhappy.
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