Gefen Reveals Dual Link DVI To Mini-DisplayPort Converter

Intel's Thunderbolt I/O port is the buzzword right now, but DisplayPort still has a long life ahead of it. Gefen has stepped up with a new dual-link DVI to Mini-DisplayPort, which is designed to work with many of today's new monitors that utilize mini-DisplayPort. Most legacy laptops only support DVI, but if you buy a new monitor (like the ones from Apple), you'll need an adapter just like this to make the two play together. The dongle supports resolutions as high as 2560x1600, and it's good to use with both Windows and Macs.

It comes equipped with a USB port that powers the device and is used for field upgrades, and it can be pre-ordered starting today for $199.

Gefen Connects any Computer using High Resolution Dual link DVI Graphics to a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display using Mini-DisplayPort

CHATSWORTH, CA – A new GefenTV DVI Dual Link to Mini-DisplayPort Converter offers plug and play connectivity between the DVI graphics ports on today’s most popular computers and Apple’s new 27-inch LED Cinema Displays. Housed in an attractive enclosure, this tiny converter supports resolutions up to 2560x1600, delivering vibrant video for professionals and consumers alike.

The GefenTV DVI DL to Mini-DisplayPort Converter is cross-platform in capability and can be used to expand the digital workspace or add a second high resolution display to your computer system. It comes equipped with a USB port that powers the device and is used for field upgrades to ensure performance over the long haul.

Though designed to support the connection of existing computers to Apple’s new 27-inch LED Cinema Display equipped with Mini-DisplayPort, this converter can be combined with a passive Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable to connect to any other display using full-size DisplayPort.