Gateway FX400XL, MSI NX7800GTX SLI, RaidMax X1 ATX and More!

RaidMax X1 ATX Gaming Case @

"Raidmax continues to impress by offering unique, high quality items at a reasonable price. The Raidmax X1 case is no different... The X1 isn't as flashy as some of the recent "gaming" cases, but does retain enough of the "gaming" case feel with the front LCD, hidden drive bays, and a beautiful side panel."

MSI NX7800GTX SLI @ Viperlair:

"While we have a lot of praise to bestow upon the MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E, there isn't much we can say that we haven't already done so for the 7800 GTX in general. It's fast, occupies one slot, and with it, you can really crank up the image quality settings without sacrificing performance. Another thing we liked about the MSI card is it's a great overclocker, which is an achievement in itself given how close to the ceiling the hardware is already running at."

Logitech Cordless Mini Optical Mouse @

"Logitech continues its product line with another cordless optical mouse, but this time it's the "Mini" edition. Obviously, the mini in this case is meant for notebook users who prefer compact mice while traveling. As majority of you know, the problem with specially designed notebook mice is overall ergonomics and the device's size. This particular mouse has a battery meter, auto shut off feature, zoom and a tilt wheel with side-to-side scrolling."

Gateway FX400XL Evaluation @ HardOCP:

"Today we are examining Gateway's FX400XL system. Our third system review is Gateway's beefed-up cousin to the 9310XL, which we reviewed about two months ago. We hope that the information we provide helps to paint an accurate portrayal of what each particular system is capable of, and what it is meant for. Although we have focused on gaming machines in our first three reviews, we are also looking forward to reviewing Windows Media PCs, laptops, and a wide spectrum of mainstream and enthusiast desktops. Keep in mind that system performance is not the only part of our rubric for these evaluations, as the OEM's performance is also under scrutiny. Our goal is to present you with information that will not only help you to invest in the proper system, but also in the proper company."

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