Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 Gets Updated To Windows Mobile 6.5

Although the Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 may have taken a little while to become available, the companies are not ignoring the fact that a new version of Windows Mobile is now available. Garmin-Asus recently announced that this all-in-one phone is now available with Windows Mobile 6.5. Thankfully, early adopters aren't left in the cold—they'll receive an update to bring them up to date with the latest OS.

Windows Mobile 6.5 provides improvements such as large touch-optimized icons, mobile applications via the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and the Microsoft My Phone service. The My Phone service offers features such as data migration, data auto-syncing, backup and restoration, and remote data wiping. It also lets you view, sync, and share photos across PC, phone, and web platforms.

Garmin-Asus has combined its navigation centric user interface with Windows Mobile 6.5. "Through its innovative integration of a phone, navigator, and browser, the nüvifone M20 is designed to enhance the lives of consumers today,” said Benson Lin, Vice President and General Manager of the ASUS Handheld Business Group. “With Windows Mobile 6.5, users can enjoy the same great LBS (location-based service) features of the original nüvifone M20, but with a richer and more rewarding user experience.”

The Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 running Windows Mobile 6.5 will be available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech, Turkey, and other markets by the end of this year. Current nüvifone M20 users who are running Windows Mobile 6.1 are eligible for a free update to Windows Mobile 6.5. Visit for more details regarding the update.