Garmin's Sleek New Vivosmart 4 Fitness Wearable Tracks Activity, Monitors Oxygen Saturation

Garmin has announced a new wearable that has some very cool tracking capabilities called the vivosmart 4. The device is very slim, and the coolest feature of the wearable is that it has a wrist-based pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that can track oxygen saturation or the amount of oxygen that is in your blood. Oxygen saturation is a key indicator of many health-related issues, especially at night. Low levels of blood oxygen during sleep is a key indicator of potentially serious sleep problems like sleep apnea. The vivosmart 4 can monitor oxygen levels at night allowing users to monitor health conditions and energy levels.

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Along with the pulse ox integrated into the wearable, vivosmart 4 has an advanced sleep monitoring system that can estimate light, deep, and REM stages of sleet and track movement during the night. All the sleep stat information is viewable in the mornings via the Garmin Connect Mobile app. Garmin also integrates something it calls Body Battery that estimates the energy reserves in your body letting users know when their optimal times for rest and activity are.

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Body Battery can help users to schedule workouts, rest times, and sleep. Body Battery data comes from indicators like stress, heart rate variability, sleep, and activity. A higher Body Battery number means you are ready for activity while a lower number means you need rest. Garmin says that the number can help users to determine how rest and activity over a few days affect their overall well-being.

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Garmin's latest wearable is available in multiple colors including metal trim accents in silver, gold, and rose gold. The device is water resistant enough for swimming or showering and has up to seven days of battery life between charges. The heart rate sensor in the vivosmart 4 is a redesigned unit called Elevate. It features new heart rate alerts, VO2 max, and activities for walking, running, strength training, swimming, yoga, and other activities.

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When the wearable detects stress, users are prompted to perform a breathing routine to relax. The device is connected to your mobile and supports checking the weather, controlling music, smart notifications with vibration alerts, find your phone function, and social media notifications. Android users can reply to text messages with preset messages directly from the wearable. The vivosmart 4 will ship in 3-5 weeks in multiple colors for $129.99.

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