Garmin Reveals 2012 Nuvi Line Of GPS Navigators

We hate to admit it, but we're having a hard time remembering the last time Garmin spat out a new range of navigators, but it's not surprising. While these things were once hot commodities in the consumer realm, many drivers have reverted to using in-dash GPS systems or their smartphone to get from Point A to Point B. Nevertheless, there's still lingering demand from folks who'd like to upgrade their standard, standalone GPS unit, and that's what the 2012 line of nüvis are about.

This new range contains advanced Guidance 2.0 and 3.0 navigation engines for a faster, more intuitive user interface and enhanced features that result in Garmin’s most capable navigators yet.  The nüvi 30/40/50 series hits at the lower end, providing GPS navigation at its simplest with accurate turn-by-turn directions and spoken street names. These entry-level PNDs are budget-friendly and easy to use, making them a great solution for first-time drivers, students away at college, or as an extra navigator for the other family car.

The nüvi 2405 and 2505 series offer sophisticated features at an affordable price, an ideal choice for the multi-tasking parent or the professional with a cross town commute. Advanced models come with Guidance 2.0, a new navigation engine with a faster, more intuitive user interface to enhance the speed and accuracy of searches and routing. Guidance 2.0 provides faster routing and map displays, more intuitive destination searches and the ability to see and select businesses on the map, eliminating the need to page through menus. Select models even offer voice-activated navigation for hands-free operation.

The nüvi 3400 series, Garmin’s premium line of PNDs, features Guidance 3.0 and the award-winning design of the popular nüvi 3700 series that reinvented the look and feel of personal navigation. At less than 9mm it’s the thinnest navigator in the world. The design features pinch-to-zoom touchscreen interaction and automatic dual-screen orientation. With the most robust features available on any device, this product series is perfect for people who want top of the line electronics.

Also part of Guidance 2.0 is 3D Traffic, providing a whole new experience that includes more than just live traffic data. As part of the world’s most extensive traffic avoidance system, 3D Traffic checks traffic conditions 2 billion times per month using a multidimensional feed of real-time traffic data from quality sources including other Garmin nüvi owners, cellphone users, radio feeds, news stations, historical traffic data and fixed traffic sensors on major roads. With trafficTrends, the nüvi automatically learns patterns for traffic flow and predicts where traffic will be. All of this data is sent to the nüvi to provide timely and accurate updates to keep you moving instead of sitting in traffic wasting time and fuel. The 2012 nüvi product line is expected to be available in October 2011, but no prices are being publicized just yet.
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