Garmin Introduces Waterproof Swim GPS Watch, Complete With ANT+ Wireless Tech

Who says GPS units need to stay married to the road? With Nokia Drive and Google Maps Navigation, it's clear that guidance is shifting into offline and mass transit, even on mobile, and Garmin thinks it can go even more places. The new Garmin Swim is a simply titled GPS watch, which is described as the company's "first training watch designed specifically for swimmers that lets users track stroke type, stroke count, distance, pace, lengths and more." Unlike some of the prior GPS watches, this one actually looks fairly unobtrusive and sleek, despite being waterproof.

It's built to be used right out of the box -- great for user experience -- and it's designed to have minimal impact on speed and stroke. The battery should last around a year, and with few button presses, swimmers can also log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock. It'll even calculate swimmers' swolf scores to help gauge efficiency, making it ideal for lap swimmers.

Once you're done with a swimming workout, you can upload results to Garmin Connect; here, swimmers can view their workouts, track their totals, set goals, share workouts and data with coaches, friends and family and participate in an online fitness community of more than 80 million activities around the world. It uses the ANT+ standard, and it's compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms.

The price? $150, and it's available today.
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