Garmin Gets Stylish With New Nuvi 3700 GPS Series

A lot has happened in the navigation world over the past couple of years. Google has entered thanks to Google Maps Navigation, and smartphone GPS systems are quickly becoming just as robust as standalone options from Navigon, TomTom and Garmin. Companies who were in the market for those standalone units will have to retool their offerings in a big way in order to remain competitive, and it looks like Garmin is doing just that.

The company has just revealed the new nüvi 3700 series, a navigation line with an incredible amount of style. Not surprisingly, these units won the Red Dot Design Award, and it's easy to see why. We think these really raise the bar for standalone NAV systems, as they're less than 9mm thick and sport a multi-touch, capacitive touch screen. The series will include the nüvi 3790T, nüvi 3760T and nüvi 3750, all of which have 4.3" WVGA glass displays. The multi-touch inclusion means that this unit supports pinch-to-zoom, which is the same as Google Maps Navigation and one of the better features of a modern-day navigator. And to avoid inadvertent touches, the nüvi 3700 series features a simple screen lock, so you can tap the power button, slide nüvi into your pocket and go.

Unfortunately, no pricing details have yet been announced, nor have ship dates, but it's clear that everyone else will seriously need to step it up in order to get noticed above these.

Garmin’s nü flagship: nüvi 3790T
• With a customizable “wake-up phrase” to initiate voice-activated navigation, nüvi 3790T lets you tell it what to do and where to go while you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
• And the road ahead never looked so realistic, thanks to the unprecedented details of 3D terrain and 3D buildings. Whether you’re heading for rolling hills or urban canyons, the shaded topography and realistic landmarks provide unrivaled context and enhanced situational awareness.

nüRoute with trafficTrends™ and myTrends™
• Providing efficient routing and realistic arrival times, trafficTrends™ recommends routes using historical traffic data and recurring trends at any given time or day.
• Making your commute easier than ever, nüvi 3700 series remembers your frequent destinations and uses myTrends™ to predict your destination without you needing to activate a route, displaying your arrival time and best route based on relevant traffic information.

Smarter routing in your car and on foot
• For safer, stress-free travel, nüvi 3790T and nüvi 3760T feature free lifetime traffic alerts and Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calling with a compatible phone.
• The entire nüvi 3700 series is preloaded with ecoRoute™ to help drivers with fuel-efficient navigation, helping to conserve both gas and money.
• Take the nüvi 3700 series with you and enjoy the new streamlined, pocket-friendly design even more through enhanced pedestrian mode with public transit options through cityXplorer™ content. Available at, cityXplorer helps you with options to navigate by foot or using a combination of buses, tramway, metro and suburban rail systems.

Innovations abound in nüvi 3700 series
• Voice prompts are clearer than ever because of a secondary speaker located on the powered suction cup mount, offering the highest sound quality in the nüvi lineup.
• Customizable wallpaper – view, crop and save images right on your nüvi.
• Lane assist with junction view helps you navigate with confidence while nüvi directs you to the preferred lane, with realistic images of upcoming complex junctions where available.
• Speed limit indicator displays speed limits for most major roads.
• Patented auto time zone allows nüvi to automatically adjust your time zone while navigating.
• Garmin Connect™ Photos will associate your favorite images with saved locations. Visit for additional information.
• "Where Am I?" feature lets you quickly tap the screen to find the closest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, nearest address, intersection and coordinates.

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