Gangnam Style Goes Viral, Even Infects Intel

Just because you're the largest, most dominant chip maker in the world doesn't mean you can't cut loose and have a little fun in every once awhile. And hey, nobody ever accused Intel of not having a sense of humor. The Santa Clara chip maker also isn't immune to the occasional Internet craze, the latest being the "Gangnam Style" video that's sweeping through cyberspace.

For the two or three of you who never heard of it, Gangnam Style is a single put out by Korean rapper PSY. As of this writing, the quirky and oddly entertaining video has amassed over 325 million views on YouTube, qualifying it as the most watched Korean pop video on the video sharing site. Here it is:

You're welcome for that gem, though as previously alluded to, we're guessing the vast majority of you have already seen it. So where does Intel fit into this? Like so many others, the chip maker was influenced by the video and posted a pic on Twitter of what one of its workers would look like doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Intel wasn't the only one to be inspired by the viral video. One of the more popular spinoffs is one that depicts the characters in Skyrim getting funky with the Korean rapper's dance moves. See below.

Alright, we're all Gangnam Style'd out -- hope you enjoyed these!