GameStop To Sell Nexus 7 Tablet; Pre-Orders Open Now

Guess what? Google's assault on Amazon doesn't stop with the mere introduction of the Nexus 7. It's also going to places where the Internet can't quite take the Fire: real stores. GameStop has just announced that it'll be taking pre-orders of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet, expanding on an effort already underway to transform the video game store into more of an electronics hub. The company is now accepting trades on a wide range of Android tablets and is taking pre-orders on the Nexus 7, but interestingly, only the $249 16GB model is advertised.

For consumers looking to trade in an Android tablet, all U.S. GameStop stores are now offering instant cash or in-store credit for Android tablets from a variety of top brands. Trade values, ranging up to $250 in-store credit or $200 cash, are based on model, memory size and physical condition. Trading in old unwanted gear for the best new Android tablet? Tempting...

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