GameStop to Sell Kindle Fire Tablets, $25 Amazon Gift Card Included

After being shunned by Target and Walmart, both of which stopped carrying Amazon's Kindle line because of the small profit margin (and because Amazon is major competitor to their brick-and-mortar business model), Amazon is taking its Kindle Fire tablets to GameStop. The new and used games retailer is more than happy to oblige and is already selling the Kindle Fire HD 7" ($200). Those interested in the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" ($300) and Kindle Fire 7" ($160) will find those devices in select stores.

It's not such an unlikely match. GameStop recently made a push into tablet territory, recognizing the rabid demand for such devices, and also the ability of tablets to play games. And obviously Amazon is thrilled to be embraced in the brick-and-mortar sector.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

"Gaming is one of the most popular activities on Kindle Fire, so we’re excited that GameStop is offering the new Kindle Fire family to its customers," said Mike McKenna, vice president, Amazon Kindle. "Kindle Fire HD, with its stunning custom HD display, gyroscope and accelerometer with full tilt and turn controls is great for gaming, and the perfect choice for GameStop’s enthusiastic customer base."

To kick off the new partnership, GameStop customers who purchase a new Kindle Fire from now through January 31, 2013, will receive a $25 gift card. GameStop is also offering up to $100 in-store credit when customers trade in their original Kindle Fire.