GameStop Starts Selling Android Tablets

"Adapt or die." It's a phrase used in countless movies and novels, and honestly, it makes sense. And it's the same mantra that GameStop is adhering to. The gaming giant knows that physical game sales are on the decline, and there's only one way to keep those profits up: change the business model. Recently, it announced contract-free SIM service acting as an MVNO, and now, it has announced that it will carry a selection of Android tablets in over 1,600 American stores. The Acer Iconia Tab A200 will go for $299.99, while the Asus TF300T will go for $100 more. Toshiba's Excite 10 is in the mix at $449.99, too.

To mix things up a bit, GameStop is preloading its Android tablets with a free selection of games, including Sonic CD, Riptide and Kongregate Arcade gaming app, as well as a free issue of Game Informer Digital. Thinking of buying a new slate? Thinking of going to GameStop to pick it up? Who knew it'd be taking on Best Buy in yet another way?