GameStop Exec Says Wii Shortage Is Over For Now

Can it be? Can it be? Nintendo's Wii has finally left its perpetual state of "sold out?" We can't definitely say that's the case across the board, but we can personally say that we've seen more Wiis on local store shelves (meaning at least one, and usually not two) over the past month than we've seen in the past two years. Oh, and aside from that totally anecdotal evidence, GameStop senior vice president of merchandizing Bob McKenzie has given the world at large reason to believe that supply and demand are finally, finally aligning on this white hot console.

For those who actually haven't been pulling their hair out for the past 2.5 years, consider yourself lucky. Everyone else has been waltzing into store after store, only to find the Wii section completely blank while the Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s were piled up over to the side. Mr. McKenzie has been quoted as saying that nearly three years after the Wii's debut, it "finally has enough inventory on the shelf, and it has a couple of weeks in supply."

Of course, we don't exactly foresee this staying true for too awfully long, particularly when October - November rolls around. So yes, if you're planning on finally getting your kid that Wii for Christmas in December of 2009, you might want to consider buying one now and storing it at a friends house. If you choose to wait, don't say we didn't warn you.