Gamer Wins $1 Million From Perfect Game: Who Says It Doesn't Pay Off?

If your childhood was anything like ours, we are assuming that your mother, father, sister, brother or some combination of any of those were constantly telling you to get away from the game console and step outside. Something about "rotting your brain" or some other nonsense. Now, it's going to be even more difficult for frustrated parents to convince their offspring to put away the gaming and engage in other activities, as one such gamer just netted himself one million dollars for doing nothing more than being exceptionally great at a video game.

Pro gaming has been around for years now, and just like pro gambling, it's one of those career choices that no one really encourages you to pursue. But for those who do, and are outstanding at their craft, the payoff can be huge. Huge purse prices are up for grabs at massive LAN parties around the nation, but rarely are massive awards handed out for single-person achievements that can be accomplished on your own time in the comfort of your own home. Not so for Wade McGilberry, a resident of Mobile, Alabama and the latest American millionaire.

If you've watched any television over the past few weeks, you likely saw an ad saying that the first gamer to pitch a perfect game on Take-Twk Interactive's "Major League Baseball 2K10" would receive a million bucks. A perfect game is obviously hard to throw in real life, as it requires no walks, no hit batters and no hits. The rules were pretty simple; you just had to video tape yourself completing the task so everyone would know no cheats were involved. The 23-year old is one of many to submit videos, but his was obviously first to land. Wade purchased the game right away only to take a swing at winning the contest, and he's obviously glad he did.

So, what is he doing with the money? Paying off his house and starting a family. Kudos to you, Wade!