GamePop Android Console to Play Nice with iOS Apps Too

Low cost game consoles capable of running Android apps will soon be jockeying for position next to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in your living room, but which, if any, will emerge as the fan favorite? It's too early to tell, though BlueStacks has a few tricks up its sleeve that could give its GamePop console an advantage over the competition.

The newest revelation about the GamePop system is that in addition to Android apps, it will also be capable of running iOS titles. Company CEO Rosen Sharma told AllThingsD that GamePop will use a virtualization process called LookingGlass to pull off the feat.

GamePop Apple

"Developers really like this because it gives them another way to monetize," Sharma said during the interview.

What Sharma wasn't able to answer is how Apple feels about this, though he says his company is being careful not use any Apple code. All the magic happens in emulation software, but there's not a line of Apple code to be found in LookingGlass, according to Sharma.

The other advantage GamePop has over systems like Ouya and M.O.J.O. is that the hardware is free, at least for the month of June; all you pay is shipping. This ties in with yet another twist, in that GamePop is a subscription service similar to Netflix. Rather than buy games outright, you have unlimited access to hundreds of paid titles for $6.99 month.