GameFly Launches PC Client Out Of Beta

Steam sure shook things up when it brought digital downloading of games to the PC gamer masses, and now it looks like famed rental shop GameFly is leaping onto the bandwagon. The company has this week launched its PC client, releasing it from beta and out into the wild. It's said to be a one-stop shop for games, with over 1500 titles available to buy and play. Subscribers will get unlimited PC playing, not to mention access to more than 8000 console and handheld titles for rent, purchase and pre-order. New to the client is a growing catalouge of Mac games available for download as well. The desktop client is a convenient resource for gamers with up-to-the-minute-news and asset feeds, a vast library of game information, videos and screenshots, and an active social community to discover what's hot or not. For GameFly subscribers, they can also manage their GameQ for all platforms on this easy to use client, the popular GameFly mobile App for iOS and Android, mobile web and at

Thinking of renting instead of buying? Then this just might be your ticket.