Nintendo GameCube Classic Edition Rumors Heat Up With Trademark Filing

Nintendo's stock may have taken a beating of late but the company still has some of the coolest hardware and games on the market. One of the big successes for Nintendo has been the small retro consoles that it has been reissuing for nostalgic gamers to enjoy like the NES Classic Edition that recently came back in stock. Gamers wondering what the next retro goody might be from Nintendo will be glad to hear that a GameCube classic is a possibility according to a new rumor.


Nintendo has filed for three separate trademarks that all have to do with the GameCube in Japan. The trademarks are for game software and video game hardware. None of the trademarks relate to merchandising.


The trio of new trademarks has Nintendo fans aflutter because they suggest that Nintendo is considering the launch of a GameCube Classic Edition. That would certainly come as no shock since the other retro consoles Nintendo has released have proven so popular with gamers. The trademarks also come at a time when Beyond Good and Evil 2, a prequel to the GameCube classic Beyond Good and Evil, has been announced.

Who knows if these trademarks will ever lead to a new console. Nintendo filed for a trademark about a year ago that suggested an N64 Classic was coming. Sadly, no N64 Classic has turned up but it's easy to hope that some of the stuff Nintendo's outgoing president Tatsumi Kimishima said was coming this year might be a new retro console to help the company reach its hardware sales goals for the fiscal year. That N64 Classic would presumably have to launch before the GameCube Classic, suggesting we are at least one console and a year or more from any potential GameCube Classic.