GameCrush Goes Live; Pay to 'Interact' with PlayDates

GameCrush, which has been in private beta testing since March of this year, has gone live. It's an obvious idea since most gamers are men: get them to pay to hook up online with attractive women and use their joysticks, er, play video games with them.

To be clear, the PlayDates, as they are called, can be men or women. They can make as much as $20 an hour, according to the site's press release. Meanwhile, gamers, seeking to play (ahem) with these PlayDates pay $0.60 a minute. Additionally, developers of games used on the site get rev share, as well.

In addition to securing a live one-on-one gaming session, you can chat live with online PlayDates. They show up on the site with red borders around their images. Obviously, some are a little more provocative with their images, such as Lavelle (above). On the other hand, LethalCupcake looks downright studious.

 There are a number of Flash-based games integrated into the site, but GameCrush says it currently any game in a Player or PlayDate’s online multiplayer library, "including open-ended games, co-op games and competitive games. "

GameCrush was demonstrated onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield in San Francisco Tuesday, and one of the obvious questions that came up was if this could a video game version of ChatRoulette. The company was quick to note that GameCrush users aren’t anonymous, and that banning of IP address and other sorts of remedies exist.

When launched in March, the site had "flirty" or "dirty" game sessions. Now, GameCrush has created four gaming zones to help define the type of interaction between Players and PlayDates. These zones include:
  • The Arcade - Fun is the name of the game. Nice and chill.
  • The Arena - For serious gamers. Butt-kickings handed out left and right.
  • The Academy - Learn tips and tricks from experienced PlayDates.
  • The Edge - Not for the faint of heart. This could get interesting (More detail: IGN describes this zone as for players looking for something risque).
Read the company's press release below:

GameCrush 2dot0 Launch Release_FINAL_092810