Gaems G155 Mobile Gaming Station Gets Console Gamers Out of the House

Gaming on the go is a bit more complicated for console gamers than it is for PC users. Where PC users have an advantage is in being able to toss a notebook into a laptop bag and fire it up at the airport, in a coffee shop, or any place else outside the home. Now so too can console games, courtesy of the Gaems G155 self-contained mobile gaming station.

The G155 supports Microsoft's Xbox 360 and 360S, and Sony's PlayStation 3 Slim consoles. Just strap in your console of choice and hook it up to the integrated 15.5-inch LED backlit HD display via HDMI and you're almost good to go.

We say "almost" because you still need to plug the contraption into a power outlet, so PC gamers still have the advantage in portability, though even gaming notebooks will need to suck juice from the wall fairly quickly if trying to play a high end game.

In addition to an HD display, the G155 also sports stereo speakers, dual headphone jacks, a foam base with ventilation, a rugged exterior, and a carrying bag for your controllers, power supply, and other accessories. And for you frequent fliers, the G155 complies with TSA regulations and airline carry-one guidelines.

The travel-friendly G155 is available now for a not-so-wallet-friendly $300, though if it's any consolation, it comes with a 7-foot HDMI cable and power cord.