Futuristic Rolls-Royce Vision 100 Next Concept Ditches The Butler For Self-Driving Opulence

vision 100 next 1
Rolls-Royce is known for its over-the-top attention to detail and luxurious trappings for its customers, but the company’s latest concept is on a whole new level of luxury, technology and absolute awesomeness.

The Rolls-Royce Vision 100 Next is a massive beast, measuring nearly 20 feet in length, giving her a commanding presence on the road. Yes, we did say “her”, as Rolls-Royce makes reference to both the crystal Spirit of Ecstasy figurine that sits atop the grille of the Vision 100 Next and Eleanor, who serves are your personal assistant and chauffeur inside the vehicle. Eleanor is backed by powerful AI than can keep track of your itinerary, making sure that you aren’t late for your multi-billion dollar corporate mergers or that late night opera performance.

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“She 'brings' the car around when her passengers are ready to travel and, whilst conveying her charges to their next destination, helpfully but discreetly makes suggestions and recommendations, briefing them ahead of their arrival so they are ready to 'perform’,” explains Rolls-Royce. “And ever vigilant, 'Eleanor' safely delivers her passengers to their destination, having already predicted the situation and surroundings that await them.”

Powering this self-driving beauty is a zero-emissions electric drivetrain, as Rolls-Royce rightly points out that “a V12 combustion engine is most unlikely to exist in the future.” Tesla Motors has already shown us the wonders of EV powertrains and other high-end marques like Porsche are also embracing a battery-centric automotive future.

vision 100 next 2

Inside, you’ll find room for two on a sofa that is covered in luxurious silk (silk is also used in the carpet), while many of the interior panels are covered in Macassar wood. Since the Vision 100 Next is solely a self-driving vehicle, there is no need for an instrument panel or even a steering wheel – in its place is a full cabin-width OLED screen

As for the Vision 100 Next’s exterior, it’s either love it or hate it. It’s an imposing figure with front wheels mounted on pylons, and half-covered fairings. It makes for a very interesting styling motif; one that I just so happen to like. You’ll also find a virtual red carpet that projects outward from beneath the doors — perfect for those red carpet arrivals at the 2040 Oscars.

vision 100 next 4

"The Rolls-Royce patron will continue to be a famous figure in the future," explains Taylor. I envision that the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 will play a key role in these people's lives, guiding and conveying them effortlessly through their life's journey in an exquisite sanctuary where they can reflect in peace ahead of arriving in the grandest style."

Don’t expect to see a production version of the Vision 100 Next on the roads anytime soon. It’s merely a glimpse at what’s possible at Rolls-Royce within the next 100 years. Given the rapid advances in AI and self-driving tech, we have no doubt that something very similar to this will eventually land in the hands of the rich and famous.