Fusion-io Flaunts New ioMemory Module

Fusion-io has been blazing its own trail ever since the company was founded in 2006, tweaking technology to fit the kind of high speed products the company likes to release. Having seemingly hit a ceiling in PCI Express-based SSDs, Fusion-io has now gone and developed a new ioMemory module that will set the foundation for Fusion-io's next crop of products.

The new ioMemory boasts support for the latest generation of MLC NAND Flash and 3X-nanometer (nm), which ultimately will allow Fusion-io to double up the capacity of its product lineup and squeeze up to 1.28TB of capacity onto a single PCI Express card.

The performance potential here is off the charts, with Fusion promising up to 285,000 sustained IOPS with under 25 microseconds commit latency. That's crazy fast, but the new ioMemory module brings more than just speed to the table. Fusion says products built with the new chips will guarantee data integrity in the event of power loss, and the company's self-healing Flashback protection offers Fusion's proprietary, RAID-like chip-level redundancy.

Of course, this sort of thing is aimed at the enterprise crowd, both in performance and price - expect to pay four figures for the 1.28TB version.


Company Extends First-to-Market MLC Enterprise Leadership with New
ioMemory Module that Supports 3X-Nanometer, Doubling Capacity and Increasing

Santa Clara, CA – Flash Memory Summit 2010 – August 18, 2010 – Fusion-io, the pioneer of a new tier of flash-based memory (ioMemory), today announced the availability of its new ioMemory module. With support for the latest generation of MLC NAND Flash, 3X-nanometer (nm), Fusion-io is able to double the capacity of its family of products and achieve up to 1.28 terabytes (TB) of capacity from a single PCI Express card.

"We are at an inflection point in the industry where MLC technology has moved from consumer-grade products to datacenter systems, creating a much needed shift in the enterprise flash market to thinner, smaller, high capacity solutions with more than ample storage," said Joseph Unsworth, Research Director at Gartner. 

Fusion's next-generation ioMemory module doubles the capacity of the company's PCI Express-based solutions. When used in concert with Fusion's newly released ioMemory Virtual Storage Layer (ioMemory VSL), the ioMemory technology delivers significant performance enhancements to achieve nearly 300,000 sustained IOPS and more efficient CPU utilization-to-work output than any other solution on the market.

Rather than impersonating a hard drive, Fusion's new ioMemory module offers an extension of the memory hierarchy for servers. Along with providing tighter integration with host systems and applications, the new ioMemory module also includes the following:

•    Up to 1.28TB of capacity on a single PCI Express card

•    Improved performance up to 285,000 sustained IOPS with under 25 microseconds commit latency

•    Guarantees data integrity in the event of power loss

•    No failure-prone batteries or super-capacitors needed to protect in-flight data

•    Fusion's self-healing Flashback protection that offers Fusion's proprietary, RAID-like chip-level redundancy

•    Sustained performance and endurance, even for applications that store compressed data

•    Existing ioMemory deployments are field upgradable

"Demand for ioMemory continues to grow and Fusion-io, as the first vendor in the industry to deliver MLC-based solutions to the enterprise, is pushing the innovation envelope once again to achieve faster, higher capacity solutions," said Neil Carson, CTO of Fusion-io. "The 1.28TB ioDrive Duo is a direct response to customer requests for more capacity from a single device. Our ability to deliver continually greater performance density attests to our superior architecture's scalability without adding the complexity of embedded controllers, processors, and external power supplies."

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