Fusion-io Announces Ultra-Fast Atomic Series Accelerators

Fusion-io just took the wraps off a new, high-performance series of MLC NAND flash-based accelerators that push the limits in terms of speed and capacity. There are two families of products in the new Fusion-io Atomic series, the high-end PX600 series and the not quite as high-end, but still drool-worthy SX300 series.

The Fusion-io SX300 Atomic Series products will be offered in capacities of 1.25TB all the way on up to a massive 6.4TB. The 1.25, 1.6, and 3.2TB devices feature low-profile PCBs, while the larger 6.4TB Atomic SX300 has a half-length, but standard full-height PCB. All of the drives have PCIe 2.0 x8 connections.

The maximum read bandwidth on all of the SX300 series parts is an impressive 2.6GB/s, with write bandwidth between 1.1GB/s and 1.2GB/s, depending on the model. Random Read IOPS are in the 180K to 215K range with Random Write IOPS of 285K or 300K. Endurance is rated for between 4 PBW and 22 PBW, again, depending on the model.

The PX600 series Atomic accelerators will come in somewhat lower capacities, but with higher performance and much longer endurance. The PX600 series will be offered in capacities ranging from 1TB to 5.2TB, with maximum read bandwidth of 2.7GB/s. Write bandwidth varies between 1.5GB/s and 2.2GB/s. Note, however, that to achieve the highest write bandwidth, an optional high-power mode must be used. In the standard 25W mode, 1.6GB/s is the max bandwidth for the 1.3, 2.6, and 5.2TB products. Random Read and Write IOPS peak at 330K and 375K, respectively, and endurance is roughly triple the SX300 series.

No word yet on pricing, but we hope to have our hands on samples soon.