Fujitsu's Arrows Honeycomb Tablet Can Be Used In The Bathtub

It seems like every one these days has a tablet to offer. Sony, Apple, name it. But now, another name is jumping into the ring. Fujitsu. It's a company that has strayed from the general consumer space in recent years, but they're certainly crashing the party with a new LTE tablet. The Arrows Tab LTE (F-01D) is slated to land first in Japan this October, bringing LTE to a market that has thrived on advanced telecommunications. We suspect that it won't be long before it passes to other markets as well.

But the LTE inside is only half of what makes this particular slate so lustworthy. There's a 10.1" display, a dual-core CPU and Android 3.2, with an 8.6mm body that weighs just 565g. The 7000mAh battery is also impressive, but it's the external padding that really wows us. The 11.3mm-thick model has an IPX5/IPX7 waterproof design enables users to enjoy video and mobile TV even while relaxing in the bathtub (seriously!), and the "hand gesture control" enables operations to be performed with simple hand gestures without touching the device — perfect for checking recipes or performing other tasks while the user’s hands are wet or messy.

In conjunction with the launch of these inaugural Xi-compatible tablets, DOCOMO will offer four new broadband applications, including the popular Hulu and Qik Video services, which are specially suited to Xi’s high-spec mobile video/TV, communications and online gaming capabilities. Pricing has yet to be announced, but having a waterproof tablet is bound to demand a price premium.