Fujitsu Power Strip Gives You Visual Indication Of Energy Usage

When you think Fujitsu, you probably think notebooks, or maybe storage products like hard drives and optical media. But do you ever think "power strip?" You might begin to soon, as the company has made public a new prototype of sorts that might just up-end the power strip market for good. And while that may not seem like a big deal to the Average Joe, hardcore gadget nerds know just how important a good, well-spaced-out power strip can be. There's nothing like coming up one socket too short!

The company has designed a new strip that's outfitted with a power sensor to "measure electrical energy at each outlet in real time to help figure out how much electricity is being used in an office." It's just the next logical step in the shift towards energy conservation at every level, and having the ability to closely monitor how much drain is coming from each socket could be a huge help for those who want to cut back but really are in the dark about where to start.

The strip will also come with the ability to show measured data and a scheduler for turning items on/off, and a visual graph of the power consumption will be available for easy viewing. Each outlet of the power strip is equipped with a contactless power sensor that has a resolution of 1W and can measure up to 2,000W, but plans are still in place to get it out to the commercial market. Something tells us it'll be there soon; this isn't a product waiting for its time to come, it's a product that just so happens to be hitting during a peak market.