Fujifilm Debuts FinePix X100 APS-C Camera To Rival Micro Four Thirds

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage these days. Olympus and Panasonic have their Micro Four Thirds technology, Sony has their interchangeable lens family, and now Fujifilm has the FinePix X100. Now, we're just waiting for Canon and Nikon to join the fun, and full-fledged DSLRs will finally have their work cut out for them. These compact APS-C cameras offer many of the luxuries on a DSLR (full manual mode, fast shooting, great low-light performance, etc.), but at a fraction of the size and cost. They're more limited when it comes to lenses and accessories, but for many, they offer plenty of performance. If you don't need a full DSLR, the X100 (and the like) is probably good enough.

The X100 is officially debuting at the Photokina trade show, featuring an APS-C CMOS sensor, Fujinon 23mm fixed focal length lens and a Hybrid Viewfinder. It also has a 12.3MP sensor, a 2.8" LCD on the rear for controlling the menus, various manual/semi-manual modes, ISO 200-6400, 720p movie support, an accessory hot shoe, SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, and a new viewfinder system that apparently lets users switch between the EVF and OVF while displaying important information on the latter.

Unfortunately, Fujifilm is doing more teasing than releasing. The camera won't be on sale until early 2011, and no price estimate is given. We suspect it will be fairly pricey, though, particularly with the stunning design. Will it be enough to knock off any DSLRs? Possibly, at least ones at the entry level.