Fuel3D Affordable Point-and-Shoot 3D Scanner To Complement Your 3D Printer, Now on Kickstarter

When the folks behind Fuel3D say they have a 3D camera scanner, they’re not talking about a simple stereoscopic device; rather the Fuel3D is a “fully 3D surface scanner consisting of a large number of physical and color measurements” including geometric stereo and photometric stereo data, which it then combines to create the image.

The kicker is that the device—which kind of resembles a Roomba--costs under $1,000, and it works just like a point-and-shoot camera. You simply attach a tag called a target to the person or object you want to scan and snap the picture. Then, you can work with the image and export it in a variety of formats.

Fuel3D camera scanner

Fuel3D is designed for everyone from makers to game developers to artists to industrial applications, and it will be ready to go in nine months. The camera should be a boon to 3D printing, as it provides a fast, accurate way to generate an image to be printed.

Fuel3D camera scanner

The team is looking for some help on Kickstarter; they need $75,000 to finalize the product design, optimize manufacturing and price, fine-tune the software, and develop the ability to work with third-party applications. If you want in on the ground floor, now’s the time.