F-Secure's April Fool's Prank Could Have Been Useful

In case you haven't noticed by now, it's April Fool's Day. Of course, it's hard not to notice with all of the outlandish news blurbs that litter the Web every April 1st, but if we had to pick one we wish was true, F-Secure's new browser protection module would at least be in the discussion.
F-Secure Labs is launching a new feature in Browsing Protection today.

Web security has become increasingly important over the last few years and we've already developed various protection mechanisms to keep our customers safe against exploits, phishing attacks, and drive-by-downloads. However, there's still more we can do against one of the most sinister of attacks.

In development for more than two years, we're now releasing completely new technology that will warn our customers whenever they click on a "Rickroll" link.

Never again will our customers unknowingly visit the infamous video of Rick Astley performing "Never Gonna Give You Up".

The new feature is called F-Secure Rickroll Protector. The technology is based on advanced image recognition analysis that monitors HTTP traffic for signs of bright red pompadours.

For more details, please follow this link.
Twelve months ago we have been so excited about this that we probably would have forgotten what day it was and clicked on the link (you didn't really click it, did you?). And today? Rickrolling has become about as tired as asking "But can it run Crysis?" after reading a graphics card review.

What have been your favorite fake news story today?