From The “They Did Whaaaaaaat?” File

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) is dedicated to protecting open-source and free software, thus it comes as a bit of a surprise that they're filing suit against two U.S. Companies that are allegedly redistributing software in violation of the GNU General Public License (GPL).  The two companies that are being sued are High-Gain Antennas and Xterasys.

On the surface it might seem a bit odd that an organization dedicated to protecting software such as the GNU GPL are suing over it, but apparently the entire problem boils down to the defendants allegeldy not providing sufficient access to source code.

“But Richard Bruckner, CEO of High-Gain Antennas, said the SFLC is mistaken about the GPL violation. The company, which makes wireless broadband antennas and related products, uses firmware from a company called Edimax, not BusyBox, and makes the source code available, at the request of customers, he said.

Bruckner said he tried to explain the situation in a conference call with SFLC officials but was hung up on. During that first conversation SFLC was "already asking for money," he said. "What they need to do is get their act together and read the source code."

If the SFLC doesn't end its threats, High-Gain Antennas may file a countersuit, Bruckner added.”
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