FringOut: a Not-so-subtle SkypeOut Competitor

Skype and Fring haven't exactly been best buds of late, and things probably won't get any better after this announcement. Fring has announced its new FringOut service, which not-so-subtly is along the lines of SkypeOut, allowing users to make phone calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world.

Formerly, Fring's best asset was Skype access. Since the earlier kerfuffle, however, that access no longer exists.

Sadly, FringOut only works on Nokia phones currently. Meanwhile, Android and iOS support will be "soon available," according to Fring’s press release (below). For those who want to do comparison shopping, there’s a rate calculator at the Fring website.

Meanwhile, Fring has released a video, ironically, on Google's YouTube (Google recently announced similar plans for world domination in the same market space via its Google Voice service).

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