Friday Night Advice: Beware of Men In Bunny Suits

You know, it's not often we get to bestow upon you words of pure wisdom.  Sure, we provide detailed, timely news, product and technology analysis but really, we're not in the business of covering your backside.  That's what Moms are for or your personal Wingman or Wingwoman, as the case may be.  That said, we'll give you a bit of advice for this fine Friday... If you see a dude dressed up like this and looking seriously pleased about it, coming your way, we'd suggest you run (don't walk) the other way.  Let's see if your instincts are in proper attenuation tonight. Can you tell us, who is the MAN in the middle of this fab tour shot?

They're like Gangstas but geekier... Who's the man in the middle with his hands on the prize baby?!

Let's zoom in... The rest of this crowd is far too rambunctious for their ground straps.  I mean, someone is going to get hurt if they gave that wafer to the wrong guy (it's got to be worth a few pesos)... but who could it be?

Wait just a dog-gone minute... We recognize that suave and debonair look... That "get-back" stare...  that "he must be stopped!" sense of urgency.  We know who it is and we're not giving him up.  He's one of us... You tell us.  We're not sayin'...  Nope, our lips are sealed.