Fresh NVIDIA G80 Rumors

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that their sources are indicating that NVIDIA's next-generation flagship GPU (codenamed G80) will be equipped with no less than 32 Pixel Shaders and 16 Vertex and Geometry Shaders. In keeping with tradition, the G80 GPU will supposedly retain the two to one ratio for pixel versus vertex and geometry shaders as they imagine games will follow the same trend they have in years past. Obviously, ATI is well on the other side of the fence with their Unified Shader architecture which allows the entire collection of shader units to handle any of the three tasks on the fly. Obviously, each camp is touting their approach as the ideal solution. However, with a solid crop of fresh games such as Unreal Tournament 2007 on the horizon it won't be long until we see which vendor actually is correct in this case.

"We don't know the clock speed of the upcoming performer but we don't believe Nvidia can get more than 700MHz out of it - we could be wrong about that. µ"