French Ski Shop Photobombs Google Street View in Hilarious Fashion

Being an investigative journalist isn't always easy. So, when a semi-illicit snapshot of a steamy dressing room scene in a French ski shop started making its way through cyberspace, we knew he had to, uh, take a closer look. For journalism, of course. And what exactly did we find upon a closer examination?

We found that this particular ski shop has a sense of humor. Not only was the dressing room scene staged, but there are several funny scenes to be found as you virtually browse the store through Google Maps. Here's a look at the pic that grabbed our attention.

Ski Shop dressing room, Google Street View

We have no idea how far the naughty dressing room inhabitants went to make this scene look authenticate, but we do know they weren't the only ones goofing around. Google Maps, for those who don't know, has a Business Photos feature in which "Trusted Photographers and Trusted Agencies" work with brick-and-mortar locations to schedule and shoot the inside of an establishment. Photo shoots are said to be "quick, non-disruptive, and personalized."

Here's a look at what else we found while browsing the ski shop:

Ski Shop
That can't be safe, but it sure looks fun.

Ski Shop peace sign
And peace be with you. Wait, did you just move?

Ski Shop window
Just like Marty McFly used to do it, only with a skateboard.

Ski Shop door

Ski Shop creepy
Nope, not creepy at all.

Ski Shop
Don't worry about that glass case at the bottom of the stairs, he's wearing a hat.